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5 Steps to Help Employees Achieve Their Goals

Do you remember the goals you set for 2015? What about the goals you employees have made? If you haven’t followed up on these, now is a great time to do that. With five months left in the year, there is still plenty of time to work on meeting the annual goals you and your employees set in January. In most small business the environment changes rapidly, so goals may need to be adjusted, and that is okay. A recent article in Entreprenuer provides five small steps that you can take to help your employees achieve their goals.Steps-2

1- Make the goals smaller: If your employees set annual goals and haven’t made much progress yet, this can be a great way for them to still find success. Help employees break down their large annual goals into smaller monthly, weekly and daily goals.

2- Make it reasonable: Being five months into the year, you should now be able to see if their goal originally set was reasonable. If not, adjust it so that is still challenging, but also attainable.

3- Make it known: Accountability greatly impacts performance. Employees will be more likely to achieve their goals if others know about them.

4- Make it trackable: When setting goal they need to be measurable. They also need to be something you can keep track of regularly. Employees need to be able to easily see how much progress they have made.

5- Make it fun: Celebrate little victories along the path toward your larger goal. This gives employees something to look forward too. It also makes the goal-setting experience more positive and employees more likely to engage in the process again.

Summer is a great time to revisit the goals you set with your employees at the beginning of the year. Being more than half-way through the year, it is worthwhile to evaluate what is working well and what may not be working. Take some time with your employees in the next few weeks and review their goals, the progress that has been made, any adjustment that need to be made in effort or the goal itself and finally, set a few new goals.

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