Rediscover the strength of your team.

We provide steadfast operational relief that allows your employees to focus on really making a difference.

Streamline Your Payroll

There’s nothing more frustrating or demoralizing than not getting paid on time for the work you’ve done. We supply constant, uninterrupted payroll processing that ensures your employees will never have to experience this inconvenience. We provide direct deposit and online access, so they can download pay stubs, run reports, and get tax information precisely when they need it. Your employees can work in confidence knowing their hard earned income will be there – in full and on-time – exactly as promised.

No worries, no delays, no missed checks. That’s powerful employee satisfaction.

Offer Better Benefits

We think selecting benefits should be as personalized as your sandwich order. Your employees can select the health, dental, vision, life, disability, 401(k), flexible spending, critical illness, accident, and hospital indemnity options that meet their most important needs – as well as their budget. Illness may not be preventable, but unnecessary financial worry certainly is. While we can’t eliminate the need to use health care benefits, we can provide the peace of mind that comes with confidence in your health care. When your people know they’re covered, they can take the time they need to recuperate completely and return to work without stress.

Your ability to customize these benefits options not only grants your employees the very best care. It also grants you the ability to compete with big businesses for the top talent in your industry.

More personal, more customized, more caring. That’s meaningful employee motivation.

Improve Your HR Processes

Efficient human resources management is a critical, yet time consuming component of any healthy company. We’ll take this weight off your shoulders, and allow you to give your employees the information and attention they need to succeed in their roles.

We’ll manage the entire HR funnel and ensure you have support when you need it most. You will have access to expert-level resources giving you the peace of mind to focus on your business. We’ll create a smooth on-boarding process for your new employees so they can dedicate their full attention to the most important aspects of their jobs, faster.

Better systems, better resources, better support. That’s enhanced employee performance.

Safely Manage Risk

We believe that business owners and employees should work to live. We’ll help you develop and implement safety programs that ensure your team returns home safe and healthy every night. With this assurance, your employees can work in an environment free of unnecessary worry and concern and amplify their productivity. In the unfortunate event of an injury, we’ll make sure they get the care they need for a full and speedy recovery so they can get back to doing the things they love.

Increased safety, increased ability, increased security. That’s serious employee assurance.





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