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Human Resources Toolkits

Our toolkits are full of tips, tricks, and templates to provide turnkey solutions for common human resources challenges.

Documents and Forms

Employee administration comes with a lot of paperwork. Below you will find forms and templates you can use or modify to meet your needs.

Required Employer Posters

Many federal agencies require employers to post documents in areas their employees can view them.
Below you will find the most up to date federally required posters for download.

On Demand Webinar Recordings

Below you will find recordings of our human resources and compliance webinars.

Why Are Your New Hires Leaving So Soon?

The statistics are staggering. Employees are leaving at an alarming rate within the first year of employment. This webinar provides you with the resources you need to improve your onboarding experience and hang onto those employees you worked so hard to recruit.

The Five Best Hiring Hacks for Finding Rockstar Employees

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to hiring over the years. In this webinar, Elizabeth Burt, Amber Hunter and special guest Ben Martinez, VP of HR for HireVue share the five best hiring hacks they have learned for finding rockstar employees.

Managing Social Media in the Workplace

Even if you aren’t active on social media, it is likely that your employees are. In this webinar, Elizabeth Burt and Amber Hunter share best practices for managing social media in the workplace by answering some of the most commonly asked questions.

Overcoming Discrimination Claims Through Diversity

Diversity in the workplace is about more than just race or ethnicity. A diverse workforce includes a variety of ages, genders, education levels and economic backgrounds in addition to multiple ethnicity. Elizabeth Burt and Jeff Engh discuss why understanding diversity is important for businesses of all sizes.

Understanding the FMLA- What Every Employer Needs to Know

In this webinar Elizabeth Burt and Jeff Engh discuss what all employers need to know about FMLA, even if they have less than 50 employees. Understanding FMLA regulations, including the often complex reporting and communication requirements is vital to compliance.

Performance Documentation Made Easy

Documenting performance communications you have with employees is important to protect the company against unnecessary liability and to also help keep employee on track. Elizabeth Burt and Jeff Engh share best practices for documenting performance feedback with employees.

Performance Communication Made Easy

Giving feedback to employees, both positive a negative, is key to having employees perform well, but so many of us are uncomfortable doing it. This webinar is designed to give small business leaders the confidence they need to feel comfortable with providing performance feedback to employees.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training

Elizabeth Burt provides Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training for clients and employees. Providing training about your expectations relation to harassment in discrimination in the workplace helps make sure your employees understand what harassment is and what they should do if they witness harassment.

Beating Unnecessary Unemployment Claims

Nearly every small business owner has had to deal with an unemployment claim a time or two. You probably even lost a claim or appeal you thought was pretty clear cut. It can be incredibly frustrating. In this webinar we will review how the unemployment claims process works and what you can do as an employer to help avoid unnecessary employment claims.

Overtime Compliance Update

In this webinar, Senior Leadership Consultant, Elizabeth Burt talks about some of the most frequently asked questions we have received regarding the overtime rule change taking effect on December 1, 2016. **Note: This regulation was delayed by federal court injunction on November 22, 2016.**

Generational Management

Today’s workplace is more diverse then ever and the ever growing generational spread is becoming more and more commonplace. Some companies have employees ranging in age from 18 to 80 and employers must come to terms with managing the needs of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials at the same time. Elizabeth Burt helps you understand these differences and find ways to meet the needs to all employees.

Employer Branding

Your employer brand is how current and potential employees view your company. Understanding what impacts your employer brand and what you can do about it is essential to recruiting great employees an and keeping them around. Elizabeth Burt gives you tips on how you can immediately begin improving your employer brand.

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