A Plus Benefits is The Largest PEO in the Intermountain West

with 80 professionals serving 680+ companies and a combined co-employment base of around 13,000, A Plus Benefits has served
customers throughout the Intermountain West, including Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona since 1990.

Our Focus

You, the small business owner.

We understand that small business owners are inherently disadvantaged when it comes to time, talent, money and other resources. Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients. Small businesses improve our communities and drive our economy. They hold truly incredible power, and our sole purpose is to help them unleash it. We improve the ability for small businesses to compete on a big business scale by reducing the time, money and energy spent on benefits, payroll, human resources and risk management.

Our Approach

We start by creating more time for business owners. We remove the daily, weekly, monthly and annual HR, benefits, payroll, tax and workers’ compensation tasks from business owners’ plates so they can focus on the strategic decisions that move their business forward.

We also alleviate the need for additional team members to help manage, execute, fix and report on these functions. This means they’ve got the time to focus on the core aspects of their job that have the most meaning and the greatest impact.

Our Promise

Our services are built to make your business more efficient, more focused, and more productive. While our commitment is to provide unparalleled, reliable and timely service, our true measure of success is the positive change you see in your employees.

You need their unharnessed creativity and unimpeded focus. We’ll help you get it.