A business about trust

We built a business to take care of your people.

26 Years in Business
Years in Business


Many years ago, we decided to put relationships first. This is still our goal today.

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to supporting the needs of our clients and their families. This vision was created by our co-founders, Larry Bartholomew and B.J. Wright, who were determined over 25 years ago to build a business that would benefit small companies in the community. They worked tirelessly to support their own families and pursue that dream. What led to their success? A passion for listening to small business owners and employees and a determination to develop the supportive services small businesses need to succeed.

Rick Bartholomew and John Bartholomew continue this legacy today, providing valuable resources to small business owners, employees, and their families. Rick and John saw their father’s vision and understand that great communities are built by small businesses and that these small businesses need adequate support in order to thrive. The innovative vision and practical strategies set forth by Larry and B.J. are still at the heart of our company’s values today. Small business owners and employees look to A Plus Benefits as a trusted partner, and we do everything we can to help small business leaders focus on their success.

 More Than 3,500 Businesses Served
More than 3,500
Businesses Served


You, the small business owner.

We understand that small business owners are inherently disadvantaged when it comes to time, talent, money, and other resources. Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients. Small businesses improve our communities and drive our economy. They hold incredible power, and our sole purpose is to help unleash that power. We help small businesses compete on a big business scale by reducing the time, money, and energy spent on benefits, payroll, human resources, and risk management.


We start by creating more time for business owners. We manage daily, weekly, monthly, and annual HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and workers’ compensation tasks to help you focus more on the strategic decisions that move your business forward.

We also alleviate the need for additional team members to manage, execute, fix, and report on these tasks. This means your team has more time to focus on the job functions that have the most meaning and greatest impact.


Our services were developed to make your business more efficient, more focused, and more productive. While our commitment is to provide unparalleled, reliable, and timely service, our true measure of success is the positive change you see in your employees. We can help you rediscover their creativity and strength by easing the load of human resources responsibilities.

More Than 200,000 People Benefited
More than 200,000
People Benefited


Partnering with A Plus Benefits isn’t just about finding a vendor for your payroll, employee benefits, human resources consultation, or workers’ compensation. Sure we do those things, but we do so much more. Our integrated services and unmatched experience allow us to be a strategic partner for your business. Our people get to know you and your employees to make sure you are getting the most out of all that we offer. Our success hinges on your success. We truly believe in the power of people to make our communities better places to live, work, and play. We will help you empower your employees to be the best they can be, which will in turn help your company be the best it can be. And everything we do pushes us toward that goal.


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